Ann Stubb exhibiton at Waitomo Homestead

Ann Stubbs (nee Jago)

Discover New Zealand's scenery through art.

Hear from this artist that will be displaying their work at the Waitomo Homestead in the month of May.

"Born in Yorkshire England in 1939. I came to New Zealand in 1965 for a short visit after teaching in Africa. Trapped by a Waitomo farmer, Alister Stubbs and I have happily lived here ever since.

I grew up in an artistic family. Both my parents trained at the Royal College of Arts in London. My father's life was spent as principal of many art colleges in England ending as head of the Medway College of Art in Rochester.

I have only ever wanted to use watercolour, partly because I would watch my father (who I admired) painting in this medium. I also love the lightness, spontaneity and the exciting way colour washes onto paper.

New Zealand's natural and sometimes dramatic scenery has been my main inspiration. Watercolour seems to best illustrate the purity and moodiness of the light. This collection of pieces is mainly a record of the wild places that have captured my imagination. They speak of my love for New Zealand's primeval forests set in an extraordinary ancient landscape. They also included some places we have visited overseas.

Over the years, I have been asked to do some commissioned pieces. However, this is my first time I have displayed any of my work and I hope you enjoy it.

- Ann Stubbs

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