Waitomo Trail Run Volunteers

Volunteers help make this event possible. They are often the most memorable feature of the race for our runners coming from all over the world.

If you are a local school of community group that would  like to fundraise and help out, please contact Angus at angus.stubbs@waitomo.com


volunteer working

Our army of helpful, energetic, friendly volunteers help feed and water runners, sign them up at registration, in and out of caves and canyons, assist media, give out hugs and bandage blisters. To sign up as a volunteer please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

Clubs are eligible to receive a cash koha for fundraising. In general we require clubs to provide a minimum of eight people and would be willing to work for at least three hours. Please get in touch with Nicole if you are interested.


The volunteer roles (mainly) include:

Course marking (week before). Putting ribbons and markers out on the course. You need to know where you are going.

Race Registration: Friday and/or Saturday. Location to be confirmed. Helping to register runners, answer questions on the help desk, put up signs, assist sponsors and look after runners and walkers.

FRIDAY:  3pm to 8pm.
SATURDAY:  6am to 12-noon.

Parking venue: Saturday. Helping with parking and making sure everyone gets on the correct shuttle bus.

10am to 3pm – Waitomo Domain.
7am to 12noon – Stubbs Farm.

Aid Stations: Saturday. Helping set up the buffet aid stations, feeding and watering runners, drop bags and providing encouragement.Volunteers report to the Aid Station Captain.

SATURDAY:  9am to 5pm (depending on location).

Glowworm Caves Visitors Centre and Stubbs Farm. Helping set up and staff the finish line areas and looking after runners as they complete their epic journey.

SATURDAY:  11am to 5:30pm

Mountain Bike Patrol: Saturday. Making sure runners are ok on remote parts of the course.

SATURDAY:  Entire course 8:30am to 5:30pm

Tail-End Charlie and Cleanup Crew: Saturday. Cleaning up the course markings after the runners have passed by.