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The Original Cave and Canopy Combo


Black Water Rafting & Rotorua Canopy Tour

Explore the unique New Zealand environment above and below the ground with this eco-friendly combo and save 15%. Swing from the trees in Rotorua before exploring a subterranean, glowworm-studded underworld at Waitomo Caves.

Rotorua Canopy Tour: Go on the trip of a lifetime through a long forgotten ancient forest. Move through the forest on ziplines, swing bridges and walking trails, while classic kiwi guides bring the environment to life. You’ll also learn about and contribute to an extensive predator control programme to restore this magical environment to its former beauty.

Black Labyrinth Tour: The original Waitomo Black Water Rafting tour that will have you exploring and tubing through mysterious Ruakuri Cave. Grab a group of mates, an inner tube, and let’s take you on an unreal underground adventure you will never forget. Learn all about this natural wonder and the work we do to protect the fresh water that makes up our underground river and the native forests that grow above it.

The Logistics: The drive between Waitomo and Rotorua takes approximately 2 hours through beautiful Waikato countryside. This self-drive combo can be done in either order and spread across different days, giving you plenty of time to explore both regions at your own pace. Each tour takes 3 hours. The time start you choose will be your Black Water Rafting tour so please take into consideration where you will be starting your adventure from.

Get 15% off these eco-friendly tours when you book through us and do your part to help preserve our special environment. We think of ourselves as eco-warriors, both passionate and committed to protecting our local environment. We provide guests with incredible adventure experiences while also giving back to the community to help keep New Zealand clean and green.

Also check out the Ultimate Cave and Canopy combo which includes the 5 hour Black Abyss tour.

  • Glowworms

  • Wet

  • Waterfall

  • Zip Line

  • Tubing


  • NZD$315 Adult

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Essential Information

  • Essential Information

  • 585 Waitomo Caves Road, Waitomo
  • 00800 456 922
    0800 456 922
  • Open daily

Departure Information

Current Departure Times:
Tours depart daily from 9am
Tours depart every 45 min daily from 7.45am


Black Labyrinth Tours

Tours depart daily from 9.30am

Allow 3 hours.

Check in 30 minutes prior to tour departure.

Rotorua Canopy Tour

Tours depart every 45 min daily from 7:45am.

Allow 3 hours.

Tours depart from 147 Fairy Springs Rd, Rotorua.


  • Bring swimwear & a towel

Please note: the Black Labyrinth tour is a beginner level caving adventure, almost anyone can give it a go. There are no cameras allowed on this tour.



  • How can I confirm my tour bookings if I am confused?

    If you are confused about a certain tour time, you can confirm your bookings and times by phoning the contact centre on 0800 456 922.

  • What do I need to bring on the tour?

    All you will need is swimwear, a towel, comfortable shoes and a camera. Please note: photography is not permitted on Black Labyrinth tours but is allowed on the other tours.

  • How long is each tour?

    Allow 3 hours for the Black Labyrinth tour and 3 hours for Rotorua Canopy Tour.

  • What is the check-in time and location?

    Black Labyrinth tours depart from 585 Waitomo Caves Rd, Waitomo Caves, and Rotorua Canopy Tours depart from 147 Fairy Springs Rd, Rotorua. Check in 30 minutes prior to each tour.

  • Can you take photos or video this tour?

    Photography and video are not permitted on Black Labyrinth tours but is allowed on the Rotorua Canopy Tours.