Whanaungatanga means family in Māori


Community and Crew

Discover Waitomo is a big organisation in a small community. We aim to have an equally big positive social impact. In addition to the indirect social and economic benefits of job creation in our region, we directly provide donations, support in-kind and other specialist services to a wide range of local community groups and community good causes including schools, sports teams and local charities. As a part of the thl sustainability strategy, Discover Waitomo is committed to further understanding and improving our community involvement. To this end, we are committed to undertaking community impact assessments which aim to assess and manage the local social and economic impact of the business and help integrate responsible business practices. 


Waitomo Trail Run

The Trail Run is the iconic sports event for our region. We see the trail run as inspiring our community to be physically active outside in the natural world. We understand these elements as being key to well-being. The trail run attracts around 3000 participants of all ages and fitness levels.


Rangatahi Pathways

Discover Waitomo is one of the biggest employers in the Waitomo region. We are committed to the development of our team which mostly comprises local young people. Furthering this theme we are a key participant in initiatives that aim to establish an employment and skills development hub to benefit local youth and better prepare them with the skills needed to enter the workplace and thrive.