Four reasons why Waitomo Glowworm Caves are the ultimate family adventure

1. The Kids will learn something, and so will you!

Switch it up from the classroom and give the kids a memorable and practical learning experience. There’s so much to see and even more to learn about these amazing glowing creatures. Did you know they’re carnivorous? They eat their prey from the inside out, who would have guessed...

2. Show the kids nature isn’t just on the TV

Take the opportunity to reconnect with nature and show the kids that a world exists outside of the city. There is no other display which shows Mother Nature’s beauty quite like this. The school holidays is a perfect time to take the family for a day trip or a weekend away to experience the most magical light show around.

3. The cave tours go above and beyond

Discovering Waitomo offers more than just the amazing glowworms. This place is rich in cultural history, with each tour offering insight into ancient Maori myths and legends of the area. Some tours are even taken by descendants of Chief Tane Tinorau, the original explorer of these caves.

4. It teaches the importance of protecting our environments

The ultimate goal is for these marvellous glowworms to be experienced by generations to come. That’s why there is a full-time environmental team solely dedicated to the care and protection of these caves. Show your kids the importance of fun that’s ecologically friendly when you take the family to discover the wonder of Waitomo these school holidays. Find out more about the initiatives to protect this unique place here.

The best kids activities are adventure and exploration

Take the opportunity to show the kids that school holidays are about more than games and T.V. There is a world of adventure and wonder to discover. Check out our school holiday deals here  and explore Waitomo for an unforgettable experience.