Five reasons Black Water Rafting is the best adventure around

1. You literally get to zip-line under a sky of glowworms.

Yes you read that right… Are you ready to fly through the air while looking up to see thousands of living lights? We thought so. This is truly an experience like no other.

2. Almost anyone can do it

All you need is an appetite for fun and adventure. Deaf, blind, deaf and blind, tetraplegic, amputees and an 88 year old woman have experienced the thrill, so what’s stopping you?

3. You get to experience 30 million years in the making

These caves have been here a lot longer than us. While what they offer is fun and exciting, we’re trying to help people experience them in the right way. Our ultimate goal is to keep this special place healthy for generations to come. You can read more about how we protect our unique environment here

4. It’s the original New Zealand outdoor adventure

We like to consider ourselves the true adventure tourism pioneers of Aotearoa, we’ve been showing tourists and locals this underground adventure for over three decades! Angus Stubbs pictured below helped found Black Water Rafting all those years ago, and still works here today!

5. Katy Perry did it

Even the world-famous Popstar has made the visit (she even brought her own wetsuit). So come on, why haven’t you experienced the most fun in the dark yet? Check out some awesome deals here:


Got a family of thrill seekers?

We have some awesome deals for the whole family just in time for the school holidays! You can check them out here .

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