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Black Water Rafting is the most fun you can have in the dark! Got a family of thrill seekers? Family tickets now available for the original Waitomo tour, the Black Labyrinth – take them on an underground adventure they’ll never forget!​

We’ve been sharing thrills and excitement for over 3 decades and have experienced guides who’ll take you safely through the stunning underworld of Ruakuri Cave. We will take you deep underground on the most unreal subterranean journey that’ll have you begging for more!

What began as a special treat for a brave few has developed into a spectacular tourism attraction that gives visitors of all ages the chance to abseil, weave, jump, climb, and float through a glowworm-studded subterranean wonderland at Waitomo Caves. After you’ve jumped off a few waterfalls and pushed yourself to the limits, warm up with a hot shower and treat yourself to some hot soup on bagels, on us.​​

Looking for something a little different? Wet Hair Deals available now! Buy any Black Water Rafting tour and mix it up with 50% off to the world-famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves! ​​

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With exhilarating caving & rafting tours, namely Black Abyss and Black Labyrinth​, to choose from, there is something to suit all adventurous spirits. The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. is New Zealand's first black water rafting adventure operator. And it's also the only tour that takes you through the incomparable Ruakuri Cave.

Each Waitomo Caves Black Water Rafting expedition includes around 6-12 people guided by expert guides who will support and encourage you through the whole breath-taking caving tour.​​

​Find the right cave experience for you here​.​​��​​

Black Labyrinth

The original Waitomo black water rafting tour that will have you exploring and tubing through mysterious Ruakuri Cave. Grab a group of mates, some rubber tubes, and let’s take you on an unreal underground adventure you will never forget.

Black Abyss

You will descend into the black, seemingly bottomless depths of Ruakuri Cave, zipline through a gallery of illuminating glowworms and climb underground waterfalls as you test your limits on this truly unforgettable journey.

Wet Hair Deal – Black Abyss + Waitomo Glowworm Caves

This unforgettable subterranean journey will have you abseiling and ziplining through mysterious Ruakuri Cave. Mix it up with a half-price visit to the world-famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves and experience glowworms in a different light!

Wet Hair Deal – Black Labyrinth + Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Become part of the legend with the original subterranean journey and have the most fun you can have in the dark! Mix it up with a half-price visit to the world-famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves and experience glowworms in a different light.