​​Waitomo is a very special area which needs to be well-maintained and cared for in order to preserve it's beauty. Due to the vulnerable and unique conditions of the Waitomo area, an Environmental Officer is a must and Carl Fischer was employed over 15 months ago for the Waitomo Glowworm Cave, Ruakuri Cave and Aranui Cave to care for the delicate cave formations, glowworms and underground landscape to ensure the wonder that is Waitomo is around to enchant many more.​​

Due to the many Waitomo adventures in the area, the Environmental Officer has an extremely important role in Waitomo and sustaining this special part of New Zealand is his top concern. When he can, Carl likes to spend time out of his office, going about his day-to-day activities. This includes environmental monitoring, this is monitoring of the cave micro climate including Co2 levels in the Glowworm Cave, Ruakuri Cave​ and Aranui Cave. When the caves become very populated in peak season, Co2, which is exhaled by people and concentrates in places with limited ventilation like a cave, levels can potentially reverse the process of deposition that creates cave formations (stalactites and stalagmites) and begin to instead corrode them. This can even mean closing the caves for an hour or so to lower the high levels of Co2 within the glowworm cave. This ensures that our caves are sustainable for the beautiful glowworms and spectacular cave formations. Find out more about our caves and purchase tickets here.​ ​Carl also spends time working with landholders in the catchment to restore stream margins by fencing and planting trees and other native plants in the catchment streams. These trees create habitats for the insects which the glowworms feed upon.

At the end of the day, the Environmental Officer is responsible for the ongoing success of our sustainable management of the environment in Waitomo. Originally hailing from Rotorua, Carl has spent most of time in the South Island where he gained a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology from the University of Canterbury. ​

Carl's background includes: 

  • Ranger
  • Exploration Geologist 

  • When he isn't working, Carl enjoys running and is able to unwind and find peace of mind through getting out into nature. Somebody once gave Carl the advice 'You get out what you put in' and we in Waitomo believe that all of Carl's great work in preserving our nature wonder is testament to that. He is the man behind the scenes, the man that goes about his every day work with enthusiasm and a love for the environment. Learn more about the wonder that is Waitomo here.​

Through hard work and dedication this man truly makes Waitomo the unforgettable destination that it is today. Without Carl Fischer, Waitomo's Environmental Officer our glowworms would not be as healthy, our rivers as clean and our environment so special.

If you missed Carl and our incredible waitomo caves on TV3 Story on Monday 2nd May, check him out here​, our man Carl Fischer explaining a little more about the importance of what he does to the environment and how the incredible Waitomo landscape came to be.