From the Mountains to the Caves

​​​​​​It’s that time of year. As the days get shorter, the mountains transform into a snowy wonderland and skis are pulled out of the cupboard. If a ski trip to Mt Ruapehu is on the agenda this winter, we’ve got the perfect stop-off for you.


Here’s a few fun reasons why heading underground in Waitomo before heading up the ski lifts needs to be on your must-do list this winter. Season pass holders for Mt Ruapehu​ read on - now is the perfect time to visit!

Almost exactly halfway on the route between Auckland and Mt Ruapehu, you’ll find Waitomo and its underground wonders. The dramatic beauty of Waitomo Glowworm Caves can be discovered in an hour or two, before hitting the road again. Or if you’ve got a little more time and looking for an adrenalin hit then Legendary Black Water Rafting ticks all boxes.

If you’re lucky enough to have a 2016 season pass for Mt Ruapehu there’s even more reason tap Waitomo into the GPS. The season pass gives you 50% off Waitomo Glowworm Caves​ and 30% off Legendary Black Water Rafting. If it’s been on your radar for a while then this is definitely the time to find out what the Caves are all about.

If bad weather means the lifts are closed for the day, get your adventure kick by combining the Caves and Black Water Rafting. At just two hours drive from Ruapehu, set off for an adrenalin filled day in a unique subterranean environment. You’ll quickly be forgetting you didn’t get up the lifts for the day.

Speaking of bad weather, if you’re worried about donning a wetsuit and tubing in winter, don’t be! The water temperature in the caves stays nearly the same year- round. While the wind and snow makes for a completely different mountain environment in winter, here down in the caves we get minimal change from season to season. Between the thick rubbery wetsuit and a delicious steaming hot-drink, our super guides make sure winter weather is the last thing you’re thinking about.

Before heading homewards or mountain-bound, top it all off with a visit to our newly opened Waitomo Homestead Café and Eatery​. A juicy lamb burger will fill the gap after a massive day. Or a delicious coffee with some of our famous home-baking will make sure you hit the road ready for the next winter adventure!​