Gift Shop Theatre Exhibition

Souvenirs to remind you of your time with us


Visitors to Waitomo can enjoy browsing in the Gift Shop. It has a variety of high quality NZ souvenirs and features a small gallery featuring local New Zealand artists. Pick up some genuine kiwiana mementos from Waitomo.


Come and see what’s on in the theatre. Be welcomed to Waitomo with an engaging 15 minute short film Above the Ground, an emotionally connecting journey introducing the people, places and stories of Waitomo. This film delves into the secrets and spirit of the land, the people and their guardianship over the land.  It talks about the responsibility to preserve the beauty and heritage of this special land.


The first exhibition in the Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre is called ‘Building an Icon’, and displays how the new iconic centre developed from an idea, through design and concept to building and finally opening to the public. thl were passionate about the importance of the sustainability of this building and its harmonious connection to the environment, the local people and their culture.